About Sandhya

A rare combination of artistic dexterity & creativity Sandhya Bhargava combines personal charm and grace with technical Brillance She inherited Passion for kathak from her father Madan Pande who was Also her initial trainer. later she studied under the tutelage of great Master Rajendra Gangani, late Pandit Durgalal and Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj

Sandhya's kathak is a mix of 'nazakat' of 'Lucknow gharana' and Intricate foot works of 'Jaipur gharana'. she brings out the beauty and emotions emboided in the lucknow school of kathak dance with it's emphasis on the Expressions of feelings and the sparkling rhythmical intricacies of the jaipur school. The secret of her magic lies perhaps in her intense devotional fervour, which elevates her style to Transcdental heights. The mastery of technique that she effortlessly uses to coax sounds out of the ankle bell Hypnotises her audience gifted with chiselled features, in her abhinaya the expression chase each other at a perfect pace, transforming her visage from soft to stern, shy to strong, sad to sublime
Sandhya is also an accomplished TV artist and performed for Bombay, Delhi and Nagpur Doordarshan. she has been awarded Shringarmani by Sursingar Sansad in Mumbai in 1987 apart. apart from being a spell binding dancer sandhya is a gifted choreographer and plans to experiment a unique Style combining elements from various gharanas she Imparts Training to her Disciples online at worldofkathak@gmail.com