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Nine Forms of Indian Classical Dance

India has a very rich culture of dance and music, Traditional, classical, folk and Tribal dances style.

Bharatanatyam – Tamil Nadu

Bharata Natyam is considered to the oldest form of dance and mother of all other style of dance in India.

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Kathak – Uttar Pradesh

Kathak is originated from Uttar Pradesh and one of the eight forms of ancient classical dances of India.

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Kathakali – Kerala

Kathakali is originated in God’s own country Kerala in 17th century and got popular at every corner of India.

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Kuchipudi – Andhra Pradesh

The Classical Indian dance form originated Andhra Pradesh state and got its name from Kuchipudi village.

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Manipuri – Manipur

Manipuri dance form is one of the major dance forms of India, originates from the north-eastern state Manipur.

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Odissi – Orissa

Odissi is the oldest surviving dance form in India, originates from state of Orissa.

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Sattriya – Assam

The Sattriya Dance of Assam is living tradition of state and one of the major classical Indian dance traditions.

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Mohiniyattam – Kerala

Mohiniyattam is another classical dance style from Kerala state and one of the principal Indian classical dance.

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Gaudiya Nritya West Bengal

The Gaudiya Nritya is a classical Bengali Dance form ,performed with drama, history, poetry, color and music.

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